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Dr. Yi-De Chen


Diffusion (2021)
Beo String Quartet
Jason Neukom, vl. I; Aviva Hakanoglu, vl. II
Sean Neukom, vla.; Ryan Ash, vc.

Concerts Featuring Dr. Yi-De Chen’s Works

• VIPA Festival in Valéncia, Spain
• New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
• Earth Day Art Model Festival
• Charlotte New Music Festival
• Ensemble KNM Berlin, Germany─Reading Music II
• Asian Composers League Festival in Tokyo, Japan
• Taipei International New Music Festival

Moments of Mystery (2021)
Jamey Guzman, fl.; Eric Zielsdorf, percc.
Julia Johnson, hp.; Fangfang Liu, gtr.
Thea Dardanis, vc.; Robert Rankin, cond.
Prelude to Eudaimonia (2021)
Elijah Buerk, organ
Prof. Janette Fishell, organ registration assistant
Transmission (2021)
Ensemble KNM Berlin
Rebecca Lenten, fl.; Theo Nabicht, cl.; Matthew Conley, tpt.;
Theodor Flindell, vl.; Cosima Gerhardt, vc.
The Forest with the Black Moonlight (2013)
Yi-Ran Zhao, pipa
Counterpoint String Quartet
Two Songs (2019)
Ramson Issa, ten.; Mia Tomposen, cl.; Tyler Taylor, hn.
Matthew Schultheis, pno.; Wennie Wei, vla.
Broner McCoy, cb.; Caio Guimarães, cond.
The Story of Pearl Milk Tea (2012)
Yu-Chen Hsiao, perc. I; Ming-Ju Tsai, perc. II;
Sheng-Wen Lee, perc. III; Yu-Ru Chang, perc. IV
Su-Han Yang, cond.
Eventide Clouds and Bright Hopes (2018)
Indiana University JSoM Concert Orchestra
Prof. David Dzubay, cond.

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Yi-De Chen is a composer from Taiwan whose musical language manifests diversity, spirituality, and poetic sense.

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